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cherik poster groove by HanyouHanto cherik poster groove :iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 16 1 cherik poster mansionblanca by HanyouHanto cherik poster mansionblanca :iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 0 0 cherik poster ado by HanyouHanto cherik poster ado :iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 4 0 Mr Hyde and Instrument of Doom by HanyouHanto Mr Hyde and Instrument of Doom :iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 2 2 Felix the Cat from Ago by HanyouHanto Felix the Cat from Ago :iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 2 0 Watson on a bench by HanyouHanto Watson on a bench :iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 5 5 It be Chibi Davy Jones by HanyouHanto It be Chibi Davy Jones :iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 1 5
Razors' Voice
Razors’ Voice
It’s been dark.  
So very dark.
Thank you, my father, my friend.  
We’ve been wanting.
The dreadful idle,
the sickening still, It’s over, my father, my friend.
So hungry we’ve been, so hungry we are,
How we’ve been wanting.
Mmm, I can taste them already.  
We’ll sing in a flash!  Caress my shine,
and we shall be symphonious as your muscles contract!
We’ll fruition together!  Mad and alive you’ll clean the world and dirty our yearnings
With love!
With purpose!
Never again to misery in obscurity
My father,
My friend,
Rather Sweeney,
Let us make so many chasms
And let the moon of the End of Days shine through.
We’ve been wanting.
:iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 4 2
Raoul's Surrender
Raoul’s Surrender
Your power.
Though you’re the Angel of Death,
Piety’s void, rever’d with hate,
You reign in a kingdom enormously sacred
Which I fear I am not to enter.  
Were you not evil, dark as abyss,
Wholly unworthy of spoils divine,
I would concede to your masterful rule
Of the land at her truest heart’s center.
:iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 3 2
Afoot... by HanyouHanto Afoot... :iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 2 2 My Pink Square by HanyouHanto My Pink Square :iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 2 2 My Pink Avvie - Full by HanyouHanto My Pink Avvie - Full :iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 0 2
Pan Flute
Melodious pan flute, your modest design
Of tubes, of string, and a bit of twine,
Creates with such fluid and elegant ease
Melodies frolicsome, chipper, and fine!
I’m made to feel pleasant by your simple sound
So woody and sweet, so airy and round,
So bright and alive, that I almost can see
Your tuneful narrations cavorting around.
For your voice paints a story, a flowery tale
Of a summery scene, of hill and of dale,
Of satyrs and nymphs and rivers and trees
So over my whimsy you always prevail.
Melodious pan flute, euphonious thing,
What jovial, light-hearted spirits you bring!
So whistle and carol and hum to me
For I become light when you do sing!
:iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 3 4
Crystalline and elegant you dance upon the sky,
Like birds descending, floating till you touch the ground to rest.
But so miniscule, fragility will leave you soon to die,
Unless you congregate to strengthen, grow and manifest.
But nonetheless you’ll melt away, though strange: your life ends not.
Through the air you rise, till back to earth again you fall.
Since the planet’s start you must have been through quite a lot.
So through your incarnations, could you have seen it all?
Did you grace a raven’s back? Did he say, “Nevermore?”
Nourished a Forbidden Fruit? Fed the Sacred Tree’s roots?
Been trampled by a sled dog carrying medicine to Nome?
Turned white a lonely grave? Touched a kicking baby’s boot?
So, enigmatic snowflake, small peculiar thing,
The world is old as thinkable, and therefore, as are you.
So tell me where you’ve been your life, tell me what you’ve seen,
Sing to me your silent songs of death and birth anew.
:iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 1 2
To an Ant in my Bedroom
Poem to an Ant in my Bedroom
What are you, small one, on my bedroom wall?
You, little and legged black dot that does crawl?
An ant!  But why are you in here at all?
You won’t find your sustenance here.
Within these walls there is nothing to eat.
No fruit, no sugar, no bread, and no meat.
So why traipse around here with your tiny feet?
You won’t find your sustenance here.
When I see you elsewhere, I do understand;
The kitchen, the pantry, the rank garbage cans.
So if food for your stomach is what you demand,
Away from this area steer.
For, all of you searches will be quite in vain,
Hence you and your brethren could never here reign.
From saying these true words I shall not refrain:
You won’t find your sustenance here.
:iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 0 1
Wooden Man's Proclamation by HanyouHanto Wooden Man's Proclamation :iconhanyouhanto:HanyouHanto 1 2

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  • Listening to: the music formulating in mah head
  • Playing: mah flute and mah cords. and BRAAAAWL
  • Drinking: teeeeea
Yesterdays were GREAT.
   Wicked. Even WICKEDER the second time.
   Solo/Ensemble. Kicking SO much arse. Being SO accidentally awesome.
   Cultural Festival.  comprando the MOST EXCELLENT necklace ever.  And I got to play a Hawk Littlejohn Native American flute, which I learned is equivalent to a Stradivarius violin.  AND a sound-making elephant and owl.

Some previous yesterdays were lame.

But those obviously don't have persistence.

These ones do.

And tomorrow will be even better, right Hamtaro 8D
  Yes, AP tests,
  yes, missing things,
  yes, loose ends,
  and BEYOND

But as of now, I've to/will
  stop DAing and looking up Oscar Wilde,
  send those emails I've been meaning to
  y ir a un concierto de coro [edit] SOLA, PERRAS! X3

p.s. and writing this journal for the SECOND BLOODY TIME (because the internet broke) because I’m PERSISTENT AND MAEMUKI



Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Favourite genre of music: musical, 60s, 90s, Irish trad and fusion
Favourite photographer: Peter Parker 8D
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Shell of choice: One I can hide inside :3
Wallpaper of choice: random pictures
Skin of choice: periodically sheddable
Favourite cartoon character: Nightcrawler, Haruko, Pooh, James (Pkmn), Hughes, Mark, Brak, Schnitzel, Hedonismbot, Avatar peeps
Personal Quote: "...and stuff."


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